Weekend Activities for Kids: DIY Coloured Flowers! 🌼

Weekend Activities for Kids: DIY Coloured Flowers! 🌼

Here’s a great weekend activity for kids: DIY coloured flowers! 💐 This twist on traditional flowers provides a great opportunity for learning and colour mixing. Little ones are often fascinated by the magic of colours and the fun of nature, and with this craft you can combine both! 😍 Check out the full how-to video here!


Materials Needed:  


Step 1: Choose your Flowers 

Start by selecting light-coloured flowers. White carnations or daisies work well for this activity as they absorb water well and can display vibrant colours 🌈 

Step 2: Prepare the Vase 

Fill your vase or glass jars with water. Make sure the container is clean and free from any residues that might affect the absorption of colour 💧 

Step 3: Add Honeysticks Bath Drops 

This is where the magic happens! Take your Honeysticks Bath Drops in the colours of your choice and add them to the vase. These drops are safe, non-toxic, and can be used in all sorts of arts and crafts activities. You can get creative and mix the drops to create lots of different colours! 🧪 

Step 4: Insert the flowers 

Once you've added the Bath Drops, it's time to pop your flowers into the water. Make sure the stems are trimmed at an angle to increase water absorption. As the flowers drink up the coloured water, they'll gradually take on the colours of the Bath Drops, transforming them into colourful blooms 🌺 

Step 5: Display your masterpiece 

Once your flowers have fully absorbed the water, it's time to display your masterpiece! Place them in a well-lit spot and encourage your little ones to observe the flowers and discuss the changes they see. It's a perfect opportunity to explore concepts like absorption and colour mixing! 🔬 

With just a few supplies and a dash of creativity, you can turn ordinary flowers into a mesmerising display of colour! This DIY activity not only provides entertainment for little ones but also serves as a fun learning experience where they can explore science and creativity in a hands-on way. 


Don’t forget to share and tag your creations - @honeysticksofficial! 📸

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