How to Make a Halloween-Themed Witches Brew

How to Make a Halloween-Themed Witches Brew

Just like all holidays which involve gifts and treats, kids of all ages love Halloween! It might be the promise of guaranteed lollies, but there's also the excitement of getting behind the spirit and theme of halloween in arts and crafts and cooking. 


It's even better when you can combine all three! Halloween-themed sensory play is a great way to entertain, delight, and inspire children of all ages. There are the obvious halloween projects such as pumpkin painting or carving, and edible spiders, but you can also do plenty without spooky-themed snacks too.

Witches potions are a great way for your little one to learn about the science of cornstarch while also brewing a spooky potion and hiding some (fake) creepy crawlies. 

Here's what you need for this years witches potion using our Honeysticks Bath Drops as a natural colourant. 


  • 1 large witches cauldron (kitchen pot or baking tin)
  • Honeysticks Bath Drops
  • A dash of cornstarch
  • an assortment of toys, bugs or craft eyeballs
  • a large wooden spoon

Add the bath drops of choice to your cauldron until you get the desired colour, this may not need an entire bath drop. Slowly add the cornstarch to the desired consistency. Once this has thickened you can hide the creepy crawlies in the murky water, or you can slowly add them bit by bit to you potion!

If you need a substitute for cornstarch you can also soak chia seeds in the coloured water before hand to make a creepy brew. 


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