3 Ways Crayon Creativity Can Supercharge Children's Learning! 💡

3 Ways Crayon Creativity Can Supercharge Children's Learning! 💡

Using crayons can help to promote children's learning in surprising ways! Let's delve into the three ways crayons can help little artists develop and learn 🖍️ 


1. Drawing and Writing Can Help Promote Fine Motor Skills

The act of gripping and guiding a crayon over paper may seem simple, but it's also a great exercise to help children develop their fine motor skills. As children manipulate crayons, their little fingers become nimbler, laying the foundation for tasks later in life. Think of this playtime activity serves as a warm-up for little hands - preparing them for more of the intricate movements required in tasks like writing, buttoning shirts, or tying shoelaces 📝 

The perfect crayon for learning to grip: Honeysticks Originals or Honeysticks Triangles


2. Colouring Can Help Coordinating Hands and Eyes – and Help with Writing! 

Colouring goes beyond filling pages with vibrant shades! It's also great training for little artist's coordination - specifically synchronising hands and eyes. The back-and-forth motion of colouring also helps little ones develop the coordination needed for writing. This skill becomes handy when they begin to form letters, numbers and words ✍🏻 Honeysticks different crayon sizes are designed to support this whole process! 

The perfect colouring tools: Honeysticks Activity Packs + Colouring Sets


3. Using Crayons Can Help Children Understand Force 

In the world of crayons, every stroke is a science lesson! 🧪 Understanding force is a concept that takes a hands-on approach through colouring. Children quickly grasp the cause-and-effect relationship: press hard, and the mark is dark; go light, and it's lighter. Think of it as a very early introduction to physics, turning a creative session into a mini science lesson! 👨🏻‍🔬 

Honeysticks crayons for drawing and shading: Check out our full beeswax crayon range


During the back-to-school season, let's not underestimate the power of crayons. So, the next time your child reaches for their Honeysticks crayon, know that it's not just a burst of colour on paper – it's a key unlocking a world of educational wonders 🌈 

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