Introducing Honeysticks Bath Crayon Triangles! 🛁

Introducing Honeysticks Bath Crayon Triangles! 🛁

A new addition has joined Honeysticks' Bath Crayon range - introducing Bath Crayon Triangles! What sets these triangle bath crayons apart? Let's dive in! 💦  


The perfect first-stage bath crayon: With a unique triangle shape, Honeysticks Bath Crayon Triangles are designed to make it easy for little hands to wrap around and promote early-stage grip development in young artists. The ergonomic shape helps guide little fingers into the tripod position, encouraging more controlled drawing… starting on the bath walls!


Designed to turn bath time into fun time: If you struggle to keep your little ones busy and entertained during bath time, Honeysticks Bath Crayon Triangles will change the game! Designed with grip development and safety in mind, these triangular bath crayons add a splash of colour and creativity to their bath time routine 🧼   


Unique triangle shape = No more crayons gone rolling! The anti-roll design of Honeysticks Bath Crayon Triangles helps ensure that the crayons stay put and won't roll away down the side of the bathtub🔺


Safe for little artists - natural and food-grade ingredients: Honeysticks Bath Crayon Triangles are handmade with love from 100% pure New Zealand Beeswax and Soy Wax, meaning they're not only safe for little creators but are also gentle on the planet 🌏 Food-grade pigments and free from nasties; little artists can go about creating… safely!  


Vibrant colours to unlock imagination: Honeysticks Bath Crayon Triangles offer ten vibrant colours to choose from, so little artists will have oodles of opportunities to explore with colour, create new worlds, and experiment with different colour variations.  


Easy clean: When bath time is over, clean-up is a breeze 🌈 Simply wipe down the bath or shower and rinse away the colours with warm water.  


After Bath Crayon Triangles, try our Bath Crayons in a Super Jumbo size: If your child is ready to move on with a slightly more developed grip, why not try our Bath Crayons in a Super Jumbo size? With their longer shape, they offer the perfect transition for advancing fine motor skills.


So, say goodbye to boring bath time and hello to a world of colour with Honeysticks Bath Crayon Triangles! Ignite creativity, promote proper grip development, and make bath time fun! 🫧   


Happy creating! 🐝 

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