Honeysticks Bath Crayon Jumbos

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Honeysticks Bath Crayon Jumbos are the perfect way to add creativity and fun to bath or shower time. Crafted with 100% pure New Zealand Beeswax and Soy Wax. 

  • Natural and food-grade ingredients for peace of mind: Lovingly handmade in New Zealand using only natural ingredients and food-grade colourings. They contain NO paraffin wax or other nasties. 

  • 16 exciting colours: Little artists of all ages will love using them in the bath or shower to explore their creativity and harness their imagination. 

  • Designed for a developed grasp: These jumbo-size crayons (9.9cm long and 1.19cm thick) are designed for little artists with a more developed pencil grip – making them perfect for finer drawing projects at bathtime. 

  • Easy clean: When bathtime is over, simply wipe the bath or shower down and rinse the colour away with warm water. 

  • Gentle on the planet: Honeysticks Bath Crayon Jumbos are uniquely wrapped in a 'crushed rock' material, a sustainable choice that goes beyond traditional plastic options. The handy resealable canister has drain holes so that you can easily store them in the bathroom. The drain holes also double as a fun bath-time sprinkler for kids! 


Also available in: 
Bath Crayon Triangles: Perfect for little hands as a first bath crayon

Bath Crayon Super Jumbos: Perfect as a middle-stage bath crayon as little artists begin to develop grip control 


Our mission at Honeysticks is to ignite creativity in every child by creating safe, sustainable products that kids will love to use. Share your Honeysticks creations! @‌honeysticksofficial 

Made in New Zealand using only natural, food-grade and non-toxic ingredients.

100% pure New Zealand beeswax and soy/beeswax

Non-toxic, food-grade pigments for colour

No chemical smell... just the natural scent of pure beeswax!

Free from nasties used to make most other crayons

Safe for infants and children of all ages