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Young Sailors Set
Young Sailors Set
Young Sailors Set
Young Sailors Set

Young Sailors Set

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Honeysticks Bath Crayons and Honeysticks Bath Drops Set

The perfect pair to make bath time fun!

Get the Honeysticks Bath Crayons and the Bath Drops together and save!

Our all-natural Bath Bombs don’t contain any fragrance, mess or residue, 100% non-toxic. Bath time can now be fun and educational, creating different colors by mixing drops and watching them fizz away while getting clean.

We ensure that all our ingredients, packaging and products are high quality, natural and non-toxic.

Bath Drops come with 36 drops, in Red Yellow and Blue.

Our Bath Crayons come in 7 vibrant colors: blue, maroon, green, orange, pink, yellow, brown and the container doubles up as a watering can!

Bath Crayons Dimensions: 3.9in Long, .8in Thick